Alexandra Barcelona is a brand born in 2019. Behind the brand you can find the designer and maker Alexandra Selva, born and raised in Barcelona.

Passionate about ancient jewelry, Alexandra decided to start the brand with the motivation of sharing her Mediterranean heritage with the world. 

Terra-cotta was always the primary source of artistic expressions for the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, this is why we use a very light-weighted terra-cotta when handmaking our unique jewelry masterpieces, which are all inspired in the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, from the Romans to the Byzantines. 

We are proud to say that every jewelry piece we create is unique and 100% designed and handmade in Barcelona. 



Terra-cotta means "baked earth". And it is literally baked earth. Nothing else. Just earth!

Terra-cotta was the primary source of artistic expressions in the ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Romans and Byzantines used terra-cotta everyday. It was an easy and cheap material to use for tiles, oil lamps, pots, water jars, food trays, home decorations, sculptures and also jewelry.

Alexandra Barcelona supports natural jewelry and we are proud to say that all our jewelry is 100% handmade only with terra-cotta.

Keeping traditions and being faithful to our ancient Mediterranean heritage, we use terra-cotta for all of our jewelry creations.

Plus, as we are aware of the actual situation of Mother Earth and all the climate change issues we, as Humanity, are causing to this Planet, it is our duty to comply with the highest standards towards Nature and support our Planet.

Terra-cotta, besides water, is the most basic element found on our Planet. Our creations are totally natural. We want to embrace natural jewelry, because we think natural is elegant and natural is perfect.

Join our community and embrace natural elements, share the Mediterranean and flaunt a piece of our Mankind History every day!  



We really believe asymmetry is perfection. Our bodies are perfectly asymmetric because there is no symmetry in Nature.

We handmake every single piece of our jewelry with terra-cotta and there is no perfect piece symmetric to another one. Just because they are all handmade, not machine-made. And just because we find perfection in the imperfection. And we are proud to say that every piece of jewelry is unique in all its ways. 



We believe every single piece of jewelry we design is unique in all its forms. And one of the things we love is going from simple to more complicated with our designs.

We love being ornamented and complicated too!

As column capitals do in the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, our jewelry pieces go from less to more complicated. But there is something that never changes and it is always a constant on those capitals, as it is also in our collections. This is Mother Nature in all its forms. 



Olive trees are one of the most typical trees that bathe the entire Mediterranean coast. From Greece to France. From Italy to Spain. And olive oil has been an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet since the ancient Mediterranean cultures. 

Our brand wants to honor this Mediterranean icon, that is source of life for so many cultures, by giving our logo and all corporate designs its typical dark green color and by also incorporating to them its signature olive branch.