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Our Passion

Sharing the Mediterranean

Our motivation is to share our Mediterranean heritage with you. We are inspired by the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, from the Romans to the Byzantines, and their jewelry creations and designs.

Handmade with Terra-cotta

Being faithful to our ancient Mediterranean heritage, we use terra-cotta for all of our jewelry creations and we are proud to say that every jewelry piece we create is 100% handmade with terra-cotta.

Asymmetry in Nature

Because there is no symmetry in Nature, we find perfection in asymmetry and we are proud to say that every jewelry piece we handmade is unique in all its ways and all its forms.

Alexandra Barcelona

Inspired in the Mediterranean. Designed and handmade in the heart of Tennessee.

Mother Nature Friendly

Nature-Friendly Standards

We believe it is our duty to comply with the highest standards towards Nature and support our Planet. Terra-cotta, besides water, is the most basic element found on our Planet. We are proud to say that all our creations are totally natural made with terra-cotta.

Natural Products

The sea has always been a source of life since the ancient civilizations. Today Humanity is dumping waste into the sea reaching disturbing levels. We take seriously Mother Nature and climate change and this is why our products are all natural.

Our Motivation

A Piece of our Mankind History

We believe every jewelry piece we create brings all the uniqueness and greatness of the ancient Mediterranean empires. Flaunting a piece of our Mankind history is just great!

Designed and Handmade in Tennessee

All our jewelry creations are inspired in the Mediterranean, but at the same time we are very proud to say that they are all 100% designed and handmade in the heart of Tennessee.

The Emperor Collection

The Glorious Collection

Sharing the Mediterranean

Inspired by the Roman and Byzantine empires, we bring ancient Mediterranean jewelry to the actual days.