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Alexandra Green & Fucsia

Alexandra Green & Fucsia

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The models that we created for this Spring Summer '24 collection are Berenice, Alexandra, Cornelia and Teodora earrings. All of them inspired by the Greek and Roman Empires. When the Roman Empire dominated the entire Mediterranean and traded with other cultures, precious stones arrived to Rome from India and Sri Lanka, and also precious pearls from the Persian Gulf reached Rome through the Silk Road. Ancient Greek goldsmiths installed in Rome created jewelry worthy of emperors and empresses.

We have chosen these four models and we have decorated them with our Emperor gold base, combining it with some delicate shades of pink and beige fused with gold and a very special model in which we pay tribute to the emeralds that came from India. They are really very flattering and stand out on sun-kissed skin. It is a unique collection with exquisite handmade carved pieces.

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